The companies I used for editing, formatting, and book cover design.

Dear Readers,

One of the very first things, I learned about writing is it is freaking hard! Not just that, but finding people to edit, and design your book is difficult as well. I sent many queries to editors, book cover designers, and etc. I finally came up with two amazing companies.


Disclaimer: Ebook Launch, Kevin Anderson & Associates own these logos!

The first one is Kevin Anderson & Associates. I used them for my editing. I can not stress enough, how important editing is. The editing company is professional, easy to work with, and respond in a timely fashion. In fact, you can even call them, and speak to Kevin Anderson himself. Their turnaround time is one and a half weeks for any books with a 40,000 word count. With book that have a higher words count, such as 85,000 words, the turnaround time can be 3 weeks.  Keep in mind, this was my experience. I don’t know about the others who the company has worked with. Kevin Anderson is the editor in chief and will assign you an editor of his choice. An editor who specializes in your genre.

The editor does a number of things for your book. They will assist you with flow, and structure of your book. Not just that but also spelling errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes. Here’s what you need to know about the editing process with this editing company. First, you query to Kevin and see if he will take your book. Then you pay the invoice and wait until you get copies of your manuscript back. You will receive a comments copy and a clean copy. From here, you have to read the comments copy. The clean copy is as it states clean with no comments. The reason you must read the comments copy is because your editor types comments using track changes on Microsoft Word.  A really useful tool, I wish I have known about before. Read all of the comments the editor writes for you, fix it if you want. Remember the editor isn’t your boss. You can choose whether or not to take their advice or just leave the book the way it is. I also would like the mention, you are going to pay a pretty penny to get your book edited.  You can reach Kevin Anderson & Associates here

As far as my book cover design and formatting. I use Ebook Launch. I highly recommend them to any emerging authors! Ebook Launch’s turnaround time is 7 business days for book covers, and ebook formatting. The createspace formatting takes 14 business days.  I met an author at a writer’s guild meeting who did not get professional formatting for her book. It really upset me quite a bit. This woman was suppose to be teaching us about writing, yet she didn’t even pay for professional formatting. You must get professional formatting for your print, and ebook. You have one shot, make the best impression you can! I am quite happy with my print book formatting for The Malevolent Twin. You can see how professional it looks here

Ebook formatting is different as well. The list include these ebook formatting options smashwords , kindle mobi file, epub file for Apple, Kobo, and so forth. Last but not least a google play file. I didn’t choose the epub files, because I didn’t feel like I need them. I got the most important ones which are the mobi file, and the smashwords file. I am happy with how my ebook The Malevolent Twin. Check out a sample at this link.

Moving on to book cover design. I knew exactly how I wanted my book cover to look. I filled out the form with ebook launch, and told them exactly what I wanted. I even added pictures of covers I liked and other pictures for reference. This helps the designer out a lot, if you upload pictures with the form. The first time, there was some miscommunication, but eventually I got the book cover I wanted. The miscommunication was due to me…. The second time, I had them do my book cover. The designer was dead on. I didn’t have to go back and enter in changes. Be specific as possible when filling out the form. Such as the color you want the font to be, the color the background should be, and so forth. They do offer pre designed cover you can buy for a reasonable price.  You can reach Ebook Launch here

Now you know which companies I used for editing, and designing my book! You can always do more research if none of these companies appeal to you. Tune, in next week! I will be writing about how to make a cool book trailer for your book!

Thank you for reading,

Mary Sage Nguyen

Entertaining readers, one book at a time!

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5 Responses to The companies I used for editing, formatting, and book cover design.

  1. D.I. Ozier says:

    You’re exactly right in saying how important outsourcing the editing, formatting, and cover design of your book to other companies is for creating a polished final product. A lot of self-published authors handle all aspects of this process (or, particularly in the case of editing and formatting, skip these steps altogether), which doesn’t often result in a professional look.


  2. Mary Sage Nguyen says:

    Thank you for the reply! Yes, I noticed many self published authors do not format or edit their book.These steps are CRUCIAL in the publishing process!


  3. Thanks for this- I was contemplating booklaunch for cover/formatting – I think I will go with them!


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