Making a book trailer for your book!

Dear Readers,

So you want to make a book trailer? I have seen people charging up to $1000 bucks for a movie trailer. This is a great alternative way to make a book trailer, if  you don’t want to pay $1000 dollars, and etc. Beware: This is a laborious, and time consuming task.

Materials you will need cyberlink power director 12 or windows movie maker. Also as usual adobe photoshop!

Picking the photos for your movie trailer!

Step 1: Once, again go to You can choose another site, if you wish. I just prefer them.

Note: You must know the synopsis of your book. Do the same as last time, use keywords. Type in keywords, that has meaning with your synopsis. [I always suggest the small pictures for downloading. As I stated earlier, they charge extra for downloading large files.]

For example: My evil twin is asian, and always shows up in provocative clothing. So, therefore I typed the words, provocative asian girl.  I skimmed through a few photos, til I found the one. This is for The Malevolent Twin trailer.

Screenshot (45)

Here are the photos, I used for my trailer.

Step 2: Got all the photos? Time to start typing and sizing. As you can see in my book trailer for The Malevolent Twin. All of the typing is done on the side, displaying the picture without font on it. If you want the same result, open up a canvas in photoshop, and copy and paste your photo on it. Then start a new layer by typing beside it. [look below on photo advice]. Dimensions, you choose. My best advice on dimensions is whatever you size you downloaded for your stock photo. On my other trailer for Uriel’s Absolution, I just typed on the photo, which is fine. Use the tips, I advised you earlier on photoshop in my previous blog.

Photo advice: [Open up your photo by using the file menu on photoshop. Do the following when your photo opens. Hit the CTRL button, and A button on your keyboard, must be done at same time (selects photo). Go back to your canvas, and Hit the CTRL button and V button, must be done at same time (pastes the photo on canvas). Hit the CTRL button and the T button, must be done at same time (assist you with resizing photo).]

Font advice: [Make sure the text button is on and you have created a layer for title. Click anywhere on canvas to add font]

Screenshot (44)

Step 3: Organizing your photos on cyberlink power director 12. Its same process with windows movie maker, which is much more user friendly. Open up Powerdirector 12. If you have windows 8, search in your apps for it. Or search for using the search bar type cyberlink powerdirector 12.

Screenshot (46)

Step 4: Click on the slideshow creator.

Screenshot (47)

Step 5: start importing your book trailer photos by uploading them. (click import photos)

Screenshot (48)

Step 6: Then click next.

Screenshot (49)

Click on the normal for slideshow style.

As far as background music. I used music, I bought from itunes. One of things, I love about intunes is you can buy a single song for $1.29.

How to import intunes files. Follow the screenshots.

Screenshot (50)Screenshot (51)Screenshot (52)Screenshot (52) Screenshot (55)Screenshot (56)Screenshot (56) Screenshot (57)Screenshot (58)

Note: Ya, I love marcy playground’s song Sex and Candy. Its a great song!

Step 7: Now, you have your music choice, and have organized your photos. Preview your video by clicking next.

Screenshot (59)

Step 8: Once, you are satisfied with the video. Click next, and now we move onto production. Click product video after clicking next.

Screenshot (61)

Step 9: Click on MPEG-4, then on the output folder. Save the book trailer, in a easily accessible folder (your choice). Then hit produce.

Screenshot (62)

Step 10: Once, your book trailer is finished producing. upload it on youtube, and voila you are finished! Have any questions? Post a comment below, or contact me via my website!

Thank you for reading,

Mary Sage Nguyen

Author of

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