Making an audiobook!

Dear readers,

I have just started to venture into the world of audiobooks. I am currently using

acxLogoDisclaimer: Acx owns logo.

It is real simple and easy to use.

Step 1: go to their website.

Screenshot (64)

Step 2: sign up by using your amazon login and password.

Screenshot (65)

Step 3: type in the title of your book. It should pop up if it is in the amazon database.

Step 4: Acx with give you an estimated time length on your book based on word count. Start an audition for your audiobook. Start looking for producers.

Screenshot (71)Screenshot (70)Screenshot (68)

Word count                            EST Length                    Finding a producer

Step 5: Found the narrator, you’d like to produce your audiobook? Send them a contract/ offer. Acx sets up the contract for you. All you have to do it pick dates for the first fifteen minutes to be completed by, and for the full audiobook to be complete by. Also pick if your splitting the royalties 50/50 or paying the narrator by hour.

Note: exclusive, and non- exclusive. I chose exclusive because the higher royalty rate. Once, my audiobook is produced. I did some research on this, and some authors choose the non-exclusive so they can control the pricing via cdbaby.

Acx controls the pricing on audiobooks you produce and distribute with them.

Step 6: Once, they accept your offer. Start communicating with your narrator. Upload your manuscript, and etc.

Step 7: I uploaded my narrator’s audition through youtube. Free marketing as I see it. I asked my narrator’s permission first. Always do so, just in case.

Listen here at

Step 8: You need an audiobook cover! With me this was easy, I sent a request to and my graphic designer made my audiobook cover for me. Request one from your graphic designer, or do it yourself. Here is a list of the requirements.

Screenshot (72)003 Audiocover promo

Requirements Cover Art             My audiobook cover

Step 9: Wait for your producer/narrator to upload the full version of your audiobook. From there you approve or work out the kinks with your narrator.

Step 10: Start selling your audiobook through amazon, audible, and itunes (if you opted for exclusive). If not give cdbaby a shot.

Now you know the basics of making an audiobook!

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