Overlooked advice for aspiring novelists!

Dear readers,

I recently started reading The Everything Guide to Writing your First Novel by Hallie Ephron again.

I stumbled upon something I skimmed over before. This is good writing advice from Hallie Ephron, that I believe every aspiring novelist should know.

The Ten Reasons You Should Write a Novel (Ephron, Hallie The Everything Guide to Writing your First Novel. 2011, Adams Media)

1. You have a story you’re bursting to tell.

2. You love reading novels, and want to try your hand at writing one.

3. You have a passion, and you love to write.

4. You’ve experienced something and you want to communicate it with others.

5. The story you want to tell is too long and complex to fit into a short story format.

6. You want the satisfaction of knowing you complete a manuscript.

7. You want to try your hand in getting a novel published.

8. You’re looking for a career that will last a lifetime.

9. Your looking for a career that can travel with you, no matter where you go.

10. You want to see if you can experience some fame, fortune, and prestige that successful novelist enjoy.

Good advice from Hallie Ephron The Everything Guide to Writing Your First Novel. I hope this helps you on your adventure to become an author!

Thanks for reading,
Mary Sage Nguyen
Author of
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2 Responses to Overlooked advice for aspiring novelists!

  1. lynettedavis says:

    #4 resonates with me. Thank you for sharing.


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