How to make a children’s picture book.

Dear Readers,

I have always wanted to make a children’s picture book. I have been stifled because my lack of artistic talent. With a picture book, it isn’t your words, that appeal to the readers. It is your illustrations.  My artist is Raina Ram, I found her on

Do it yourself the old fashioned way!

Step 1: Anywho, if you are a swell artist you could paint your own children’s book on a blank canvas.

Step 2: Take pictures of it natural light (outside during a sunny day).

Step 3: After get on photoshop, and adjust the image so it meets your POD publisher’s specifications.

Step 4: Watch this video for more information on this DIY the old fashioned way.

Do it the digital way!

Note: You could also use adobe illustrator. I have attempted to use this but as I said before my artistic skill lead much to be desired. I highly suggest you look up tutorials on youtube for adobe illustrator, if you plan on approaching it with this path.

As for my path, it makes it easier if you outline what you want for the illustrator, you hire for the children’s book project.

Screenshot (88)

Step 1: Make a title page

Screenshot (89)

Step 2: Add copyright page

Screenshot (90)

Step 3: Add synopsis, character descriptions, and the dimensions of your book with the bleed.

Screenshot (91)Screenshot (92)

Step 4: Start the outline using this format Page 1, Illustration, and text on page. The Illustration is where you describe your depiction of what should be on that page. Text on page is your dialogue, and story. Take a look at my screenshots, and you will see what I am talking about. Don’t forget to add a illustration you like from a children’s book already published. This way your illustrator knows the style you like.

So now you know there are many ways of going about and making a children’s picture book. You can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Be on your guard on One artist wanted to charge me $800 dollars for my children’s picture book. Needless to say way out of my budget. I also wanted to add you should do some research o what kids like. Here is a good list, I found.

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Author of Cover
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