Making your audiobook, into a cd or (alot of cds)!

Dear readers,

So you made an audiobook with ACX? Do you own the rights to your audiobook? (If you paid the narrator, and didn’t split the royalties 50/50. You are the ideal candidate for this). As you may know, I recently made an audiobook. I wanted to make my audiobook into a cd, for the convenience of listening to it in the car, and so forth.

Step 1: Go to ACX, login and download all credits, and chapters.

Screenshot (116)

Step 2: Locate files in downloads folder on your computer and placed all of them in the music folder. For organizational purposes, make a new folder with your title name and put the files in new folder.

Step 3: Buy blank cds from your local target or walmart.

Note: Look at the minutes on the front of the cd pack. My cd pack had 80 minutes on one blank disk. I had to burn 4 cds for my one audiobook. You can find out how long your audiobook is on the ACX dashboard.


Step 4: Put your blank CD in DVD drive of your device (computer, or laptop)

Step 5: Start windows media player, located the chapters, and credits of your audiobook.

Screenshot (99)

Step 6: Move the files over to the burn list.

Screenshot (97)Screenshot (98)

Step 7: Click burn on Windows Media Player, and wait.

Step 8: Take CD out and label.


Warning: Do not do this, if you do not own the rights to the audiobook! If you opted for a 50/50 split on the royalties. Ask your narrator’s permission, to burn the cd audiobook.

Thanks for reading,
Mary Sage Nguyen
Author of
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