A comprehensive inspection of my blog tour

Dear Readers,


I recently finished my first blog tour. First and foremost, I bought the month long tour. Which happens to be the most expensive package. It was fun, and I got exposure. Which is what the company promised. I did not generate any sales except one ebook which was deeply discounted at $0.99. If you do a blog tour, don’t offer your book for review. Focus on author interviews, spotlight, excerpts, and so on. Best advice, I can give you. I appreciate of the bloggers who participated in my blog tour. This isn’t a criticism, but information for other authors.

The tour company was very responsive at the beginning. Once, my blog tour started, I sent them some new material. I never got emails back responding to my new material. They did however, send all the new materials to the bloggers. The first week, I got scathing reviews. Moving on, some of the bloggers will post it on goodreads, or amazon. Important you take note of this, as it could affect future sales. Now, this can work in your favor. If the review is positive. Don’t give away your book for free. Like everything in life. You get the good, the bad, and downright ugly. If the blogger wants to read your book, they can buy it. At least then you are compensated. Just focus on the author interviews, spotlight, excerpts, and etc.

One problem, I encountered on my blog tour was late postings. I had one blogger who posted my book information, and interview a day late. Nothing wrong with this, I appreciated it, and was glad she posted it all.

These are the problems, I encountered with my tour. I would like to know if any other authors who had a successful blog tour. (An author who received killer royalties from the blog tour, enough to match, what they paid for.) Please comment below, if you did.

Thanks for reading,

Mary Sage Nguyen

Author of http://nebula.wsimg.com/6e94ff754cb2af0e9839fceaefe5dea8?AccessKeyId=B63B5FF6E63C9149B6BF&disposition=0&alloworigin=1http://nebula.wsimg.com/12e93703cc13c52e1075f7b39af0ed5e?AccessKeyId=B63B5FF6E63C9149B6BF&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

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