What’s Done in the Dark: An Erotic Paranormal Anthology by A.C Greenlee

Whats Done in the Dark

Whats done in the dark 3dWhat’s Done in the Dark: An Erotic Paranormal Anthology
A.C Greenlee

Genre: Paranormal romance, fantasy, and erotica

Expected Date of Publication: October, 12, 2015


Publisher: Lillium Publishing House LLC

Word Count: 50,000

Pages: 200

Book Blurb:
The supernatural men of your wildest fantasies and darkest nightmares are taking sex and romance to an entirely new level. Featuring eight previously unreleased paranormal erotic tales, What’s Done in the Dark is a diverse anthology that puts a new spin on your favorite supernatural bad boys and the feisty women who love them. Each lust filled chapter shifts through several genres, from urban to high fantasy and beyond, each with a paranormal twist. With Shapeshifting bears, enigmatic dragons and the Devil himself, even the simplest fairy tales take on a whole new meaning in this anthology. Engage your very own harem of rough, alpha male heroes, beautiful, seductive heroines and unfurling plotlines that will keep you glued to these deeply romantic short stories until the very end. This anthology is guaranteed to have something for everyone and leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Where will you be when night falls?

Included in the What’s Done in the Dark Anthology:

Lucifer’s Kiss
The Demon Butler
Dragon’s Bane
Black Cat Comfort
When Monsters are Near
Blood Oath

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Author A.C. Greenlee is an award-winning creator of paranormal romance, high fantasy and adventure novels. In 2012, Greenlee’s debut novel, Guardian of the Hellmouth, was released via Lillium Publishing House LLC and quickly became a fan favorite. With short stories and novellas like Her General Knows Best, Put the Gun Down and Werewolves are Diabolical published under the same house, she most recently dedicates her time to the completion of her manuscript, Genesis and its sequel Arise. With a B.F.A in Creative Writing and an M.F.A nearing it’s completion, A.C. is extremely enthusiastic about embarking on the quest of university level graphic design and just hopes she has enough health poultices and med kits to see her through.


First I want to thank A.C Greenlee for doing the interview with me. Read the interview below and found how intriguing she is.

1. What is your writing process? You mean besides drinking copious amounts of coffee that most mortals would overdose on? My main writing process is to get up and write, despite the million or so distractions that crop up to throw me off track. I keep track of everything in a virtual journal that I carry everywhere with me in the form of my iPad but, other than that, it’s nothing special.

2. Who are your largest author influences? That would have to be Sherrilyn Kenyon and Anne Rice. I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on but Rice’s tales of vampires are what first inspired me to pick up writing as a hobby. When I got to middle school I read my first Dark-Hunter novel by Mrs. Kenyon and she changed my entire perspective on Paranormal Romance novels and how supernatural beings are portrayed. She showed me that my shapeshifting bears and dragons didn’t have to be cut from the same mold as everyone else’s and that I could truly put my own spin on them.

3. What is your favorite book? My favorite book is Sex, Lies and Vampires by Katie MacAlister.

4. What is your latest news? Other than the release of What’s Done in the Dark, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be graduating with my Master’s sooner than I originally thought.

5. What are the five things people do not know about you? Starting with the biggest of five, I guess I finally have to admit that I’m the biggest video game nerd you’ll ever meet. I play everything from Call of Duty to Dragon Age, Legend of Zelda and everything in between. I couldn’t live without Korean music and television, I speak the language almost fluently, and I trained and groomed dogs every summer until I was twenty. Finally, I have a stuffed animal collection that would rival most five year olds.

6. What genre do you write? I write a pretty wide range of genre fiction. My favorite, at the moment as this frequently changes, are romance, fantasy and adventure. I love spiraling tales of dashing, sexy as all get out heroes and feisty heroines who aren’t afraid to drop the F-bomb or smack someone over the head with a spiked bat. And I absolutely adore putting a new spin on paranormal characters like Vampires who are less brooding and sparkly and more “bad boy cop with a chip on his shoulder and a profound love of Italian coffee and expensive cars”.

7. What is your most recent book What’s Done in the Dark about? What’s Done in the Dark is an erotic, paranormal anthology featuring eight individual stories, each with their own characters and plot lines. My favorite story from this anthology happens to be Dragon’s Bane which features tattooed bad boy Jackson Casella. He’s the son of the Mafia Don and also happens to be a shapeshifting dragon.
8. How do you come up with characters for What’s Done in the Dark? The characters for this anthology are just like any other character I create. Half the time they show up fully formed and ready to be written, other times I pick a suitable name, traits, strengths and weaknesses and build them from the ground up.

9. What are your favorite characters in What’s Done in the Dark and Why? Jackson, the shapeshifting dragon from Dragon’s Bane has to be my favorite character. He’s a Mafia brat who gets away with a lot more than he should, but he genuinely loves his heroine and would do anything to keep her safe and happy. He’s interesting in the fact that, though he lives lavishly, he’s always been that guy from the wrong side of the tracks. He owns designer clothing and expensive cars but if you took him out for sushi he wouldn’t be able to hold his chopsticks. Another favorite of mine is Dominic Hemlocke from The Demon Butler. There’s so much more to this character that I didn’t get to explore do to time constraints but he’s so enigmatic I just can’t get enough of him. Like Jackson, he adores his heroine, but the two are separated by a lot more than the simple fact that he’s a demon and she’s the daughter of a Presidential candidate. When they’re finally able to consummate their love for one another, it’s explosive.

10. Is there a message behind What’s Done in the Dark? I suppose the message behind this anthology is that wonderful things and experiences often come in dark or misunderstood packages. The men and women in this book come from all walks of life and yet they love their significant others despite their prospective backgrounds.

11. How many books do you read a year? A year? Hundreds if I can! I’m always downloading books to my iPad or kindle and when I’m not writing I’m reading.

12. What is the last book you read? I recently reread Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It’s one of my favorites.

13. What is the hardest part in writing What’s Done in the Dark? The hardest part had to be keeping up with the word count for each story. I found myself having to cut things short because each of the characters was so interesting I simply couldn’t stop writing about them.

14. What did you enjoy about writing What’s Done in the Dark? I enjoyed getting to experiment with writing different supernatural creatures. Teagan the Tree Spirit and Eriki the Elf are two character types I’ve never tried and I had a world of fun writing them for the first time.

15. How long did it take for you to What’s Done in the Dark? Individually each story took around a month of planning and execution so I would say about eight months in writing time. Sending it back and forth to my editor took a bit longer than expected though.

16. Do you have any children or pets? If so, do they distract you, or assist you with writing? I don’t have any children but I have two dogs, Suri the Pitbull and Stevie the miniature Dachshund, as well as a cat named Princess I recently adopted. Princess was a huge inspiration for the character Valerian from Black Cat Comfort. He’s a shapeshifting cat and just being around her gave me a feel for how he would move and react to things in his cat form.

17. Have you travel for your book, if so where? I haven’t traveled for this particular work yet but I would LOVE to.

18. Do you have a muse? If you do, what do you love the most about him or her? My constant and ongoing muse is a Korean singer by the name of Kim Jaejoong. I adore his singing voice and pretty much everything about him. Actually, I’ve based a character on the man that I can’t wait to debut to the world.

19. What are your next writing projects? With What’s Done in the Dark finished and up for pre-order, I plan on finishing up the editing on my largest work in progress to date, Genesis, and starting on the next book in that series entitled Arise.

20. What are your writing or publishing goals in the future? More books! A lot more are on the way as soon as I turn the coffee pot back on and get back to work.

21. How can fans reach you directly? Fans can always reach me via Facebook message and by simply liking my author’s page at http://www.facebook.com/booksbyacgreenlee. I adore feedback and interacting with people who love my books and characters as much as I do. Or if you ever just need someone to gush over book boyfriends with, I’m your girl!

Whats done in the dark 3d

Preorder What’s Done in the Dark: An Erotic Paranormal Anthology at amazon.

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