Bad Blood by Linda Corby

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bad blood 3dBad Blood
Linda Corby

Genre: Autobiography

Date of Publication: May, 2006


ISBN: 978-1411651623

Publisher: Lulu

Pages: 252

Book Blurb:

Bad Blood is an autobiography which is different from any other out there, and it has some very personal content. There are ‘no holds bared’ and ‘the truth is in here!’
Bad Blood is not an autobiography of doom and gloom, yes there are sad episodes in it, but there are also many, happy, funny and endearing episodes as well. Life isn’t all good or bad, it is a combination, as we all know sometimes the people who get the real highs also get the real lows, and Linda Corby is just one of those people who attracts the extremes.

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159961Linda Corby born on the 11th of February 1953 is the youngest daughter of the entrepreneur Cecil William Jackson and granddaughter of the famous West Midland (England) entrepreneur Benjamin P Priest of Benjamin Priest & Sons Ltd (history), born in London Linda was one of three children adopted by Cecil William Jackson.
Linda went to Old Hill primary school, then Whitchampton primary school (Hagley) and was at Kidderminster Convent until the age of twelve when she left school and had a private tutor while show-Jumping under B.S.J.A rules (British Show Jumping Association.)
Linda moved to Jersey, Channel Islands with her parents in the mid 1960’s.
Linda has been a director on the board of a Blue chip UK Company and a number of other companies over the years; she jointly owned and ran a 24 Hr Recovery service for over 25 years with her husband Brian Corby, they married in Jersey Channel Islands on the 21st of April 1973.
Linda recalls many family entrepreneurial conversations around the family dining table, at cocktail parties and at Company board meetings and says she has used much of this information to produce her latest Hard Back Book Zoom into Profit to help other budding entrepreneurs at the request of her local Social Security Careers Department.
Linda’s first published book was a poetry book, but the first book she wrote she produced at the age of thirteen The Girl Who Believed in Fairies and was first published in 1981, it has since been re-released with 50% of anything she makes out of it going to the children’s hospice Oakwell in St Brelade Jersey, Channel Islands, were Linda lost her 12 year old daughter Natasha to cancer.
Linda draws on her life experiences when writing her books, and she has a vaste amount of them, a life with experiences that for example inspired one very famous author to produce a top best seller novel using just part of her life.
Linda has a great love of animals, especially horses and dogs, she can often be found walking her dogs in many of Jersey’s beauty spots, usually with a recorder and or notepad because as she says “you never know when inspiration will hit you, and a good story is all about observation and what inspires you.”


First, I want to thank Linda Corby for doing the interview with me. Read the interview below and found how intriguing she is.

1. What is your writing process? I write my fiction in all ways from simply sitting down and writing a first draft straight out of my head, to producing one from my own pre established plots. On a regular basis I get an idea in my head and write down the plot lines for it,then put it too one side till I decide to write the book. Sometime a whole fiction story springs into my head in dream format while I am sleeping, then I write it straight down as soon as I wake so I can produce it at a later date. My other books come from research, personal knowledge and experience.

2. Who are your largest author influences? My largest author influences span over many years, from my private tutor who taught me the basics of how to put a fiction story together plot, characters, basic story-lines and the need to be able to discipline ones self when editing. I have been writing since I could hold a pencil, stories and poetry thought pieces just flowed out of me from a very early age and I completed my first book of fairy stories at the age of thirteen (The Girl who Believed in Fairies) but I did not put my poetry thought pieces out there until much later (Bits & Bobs). 50% of anything I make out of my fairy stories goes to the Hospice where my daughter Natasha passed. The other main influences on my writing was one my ex next door neighbour Harry Patterson (alias Jack Higgins ),an amazing and delightful man who gave me a lot of useful advice and tips when I decided to write my first real full length fiction thriller novel (Feminist Revenge) a novel that I used to expel so many emotions into, it might be under the category of erotica in the Amazon listings, but it is so much more than that and it is not all sex, at its heart is a love story stuffed with thrilling episodes that make it an un-put-downable read or so my readers tell me. Then there was Paul Newman who phoned me in 1991 to apologise for his charity (The Whole in the Wall Gang ) who had sent correspondence for my daughter Natasha who had passed on the previous year, and we chatted for a very long time, a wonderful caring person, with untold life experience, who gave me good advice and left me with an everlasting influence on some of the things that I write and the way I look at life in general. Last but not least is the general support given to me by my direct family.

3. What is your favorite book? The Wind on the moon my favourite film is One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest both beyond brilliant.

4. What genre do you write? All of them 🙂

5. What is your most recent book Bad Blood about? My Most recent book is ‘Scams’ All about Scams. My Autobiography ‘Bad Blood’ is the book closes to my heart.

6. How do you come up with characters for Bad Blood? It is real life the characters are real.

7. What are your favorite characters in Bad Blood and Why? My Daughter Natasha who we lost to Cancer, and my son Benjamin who we lost to a cot death.

8. Is there a message behind Bad Blood? There are messages behind everything we say, write or do in life, but they will often be interpreted differently by each individual. I Say “There is nothing in life one cannot survive other than death its-self, live life to the full while you have it and tell those you love how you feel as much as is humanly possible.”

9. How many books do you read a year? Oh Far too many to list. I love to read as much as I love to write, so I am pretty prolific with both.

10. What is the last book you read? ‘Not Enough Time’ By Henrietta Knight, a delightful book about her life with Terry Biddlecombe I picked my signed copy up from her at HOYS (The Horse of the Year Show) last week, remembering sitting with my parents and friends in a family friends (Phil Neil) box at Cheltenham in 1967 watching the Gold Cup. Phil Neil had a racehorse out of the Tudor Melody bloodlines , racing that day was thrilling, spine tingling in fact!

11. What is the hardest part in writing Bad Blood? Memories of my daughter Natasha & son Benjamin, losing them being something I will never get over into eternity.

12. What did you enjoy about writing Bad Blood? Going through good memories of those times I have spent with those I love and those I have loved and lost. Like life itself there are good, bad, happy, funny and sad memories that should all be included in any autobiography/biography

13. How long did it take for you to Bad Blood? Four years.

14. Do you have any children or pets? If so, do they distract you, or assist you with writing? Both & Both. My children are both grown up now and are no longer living with me, although I do have two Border Collie Dogs, mother Foxie Lady and her daughter Spotykins who I adore, Spottykins is lying asleep beside me right now and Foxie is asleep on the seat next to my Hubby Brian. I would not be without either of them, they go everywhere with us and yes I can easily be distracted by them on occasions, just as one can be distracted by most things, life goes on no matter what we are doing or who we are doing it with 🙂

15. Have you travel for your book, if so where? Not specifically for my books but I am touring the UK right now in my caravan, and have met up with many of my readers along the way.

16. Do you have a day job, you would be comfortable sharing? Do you have any good stories about your day job, you would like to share? I do not have a day job now I am an disabled OAP but have had many jobs over my lifetime, my Hubby and I ran a 24Hr Recovery service for over twenty five years. I have many stories on this subject in fact I have a book series out there people might like, my true life Events series ‘Breakdown Memories’ ‘How Rude is Farting’ Horses and Ponies have phobias just like people’ ‘TRIBIT (The New Forest Foal we saved.) ‘ Red (The huge friendly cockerel saved from the cooking pot.)

17. Do you have a muse? If you do, what do you love the most about him or her? If you mean a partner then yes, I have been married to Brian for over forty years. I love his soft side, I am an animal lover and my Dad always said “Never marry a man who doesn’t love children and animals” I did not and Dad was oh so right! He is my soul mate and have not and will not spend much time apart. Read ‘Tribit’ if you would like to find out what I mean ,you will love him for himself as I do.

18. What are your next writing projects? I am just finishing of the last edit on a thriller/horror called ‘Manchers’ this link is a preview first draft unedited section that anyone can read.

19. What are your writing or publishing goals in the future? I have a number of books I am in the process of writing, some thrillers, some informational and some short stories true life and horror ones. I also write a lot of screenplays and have a series called ‘Xmas Spirit’ Pilot Episode Xmas Spirit (Episode Two)
Xmas Spirit (Episode Three) Xmas Spirit (Episode Four) Xmas Spirit ( Episode Five) that right now I am looking for a film production company to produce, if you like screenplays they are .99p each and will surprise you!
I am also working on follow up horror stories for my series Halloween Ghost Story (Macabre Party) (Ghostly & Macabre Stories) this story comes with a free mp3 audio link inside for those who are sight impaired or just like to listen to stories. I will be doing the same with all the books in this series.

20. How can fans reach you directly? I am on facebook, on twitter and on linkedin all under my name, I have a guest-book on my homepage where you can find more contact details. email

bad blood 3d

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