Creole Kitchen by Vanessa Bolosier

Creole Kitchen

Creole Kitchen 3dCreole Kitchen: Sundhine Flavors of the Caribbean
Vanessa Bolosier

Genre: Cook Book

Date of Publication: June, 2015


ISBN: 978-1909815926

Publisher: Pavilion Books

Pages: 240
Book Blurb:

Creole Kitchen is an original collection of recipes from the French Caribbean. Creole food is one of the first fusion foods, drawing in influences from years of trading history and mixing cultures on the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. This sunshine-filled book features 100 recipes from Prawns Colombo to Creole Cassoulet, from Coconut Slaw to Salt fish Boudins, from Flambe Bananas to Pineapple Fritters and delicious rum-laced punch and cocktails. This is food to truly make the mouth water and bear you away to a Caribbean paradise. Drawing inspiration from her childhood kitchen, the bright and engaging author, Vanessa, is on a mission to spread the love, sunshine and laughter that Caribbean Creole food brings. The recipes are both delicious and easy to make, and Vanessa offers substitution ideas for traditional Caribbean ingredients, although they are increasingly available in supermarkets and grocers everywhere. A cookbook for anyone with a sense of adventure who longs for sunshine flavors.

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Born in Guadeloupe, Vanessa Bolosier is half-Guadeloupian and half-Martiniquan. She moved to France when she was 17 and worked as a fashion model while studying marketing and publishing. On moving to London she decided to quit her job in publishing for her true love – food. In 2011 she founded Carib Gourmet, a company specialising in luxury Caribbean food and confectionery, winning a Great Taste Award for her Coco Gourmand coconut sweets. She also runs a cookery school and supper club of the same name. Her recipes have been featured in the Guardian.


First I want to thank Vanessa Bolosier for doing the interview with me. Read the interview below and found how intriguing she is.

1. What is your writing process?
I don’t really have a process. A lot of the content I write is from experience, so I tend to just sit down and start telling a story. Anecdotes come to me and I write them on a piece of paper or one of my many notebooks. When it comes to cooking, I just tend to cook from memory or freestyle and when it turns out good, kind of think: ‘I should have written that!’ So I do it again, and test again and again, until it works.

2. Who are your largest author influences?
I love the way Sally Butcher (Snackistan) writes about food, I also loved William Curley’s cook book. I admire Maïté (Marie) Therese ORdonnez) who I grew up watching. But my favorite author is Joseph Zobel (Black Shack Alley), MAryse Condé and Gisèle Pineau

3. What is your favorite book?
Black Shack Alley, Joseph Zobel

4. What is your latest news?
I’m running a few pop-ups around London at the moment and will be going to Guadeloupe and take a few people on a local food tour I created.

5. What are the five things people do not know about you?

  1. I’m a home-cook, nothing about me is chef-like, I have a grand-mother that cooks, ready traped in me ready to come out!
  2. I love eating, (often too much) and my favourite food is West African food. Nothing beats roadside pepper soup or tilapia and fufu.
  3. I hate measurements when cooking.
  4. I have a sweet tooth and my favourite chocolate bar is Reese’s Peanut Butter bar
  5. I would lov to be a film director/producer

6. What genre do you write?
Non-fiction Food and culture books

7. What is your most recent book Creole Kitchen about?
It’s about food from the French Caribbean within the context of history and culture from the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique

8. What are your favorite recipes in a Creole Kitchen and Why?
Dombré and prawns because it’s super quick and easy, Creole Casserole because of the complexity of falvours combination and how comforting and moreish it is and peanut cake because it was the hardest for mr to write.

9. How many books do you read a year?

10. What is the last book you read?
David and Goliath (Malcolm Gladwell)

11. What is the hardest part in writing Creole Kitchen?
Shrinking down the content. I had so uch I wanted to say.

12. What did you enjoy about writing Creole Kitchen?
The story telling

13. How long did it take for you to Creole Kitchen?
All my life. This is my personal story with food so can’t pin down a length of time. It was written as history happened

14. Do you have any children or pets? If so, do they distract you, or assist you with writing?

15. Have you travel for your book, if so where?
Paris, Guadeloupe and Martinique

16. Do you have a day job, you would be comfortable sharing? Do you have any good stories about your day job, you would like to share?
I’m a freelance digital producer. The week before my book release, my colleagues at the agency I worked gave me cupcake decorated with pineapple shaped frosting, like my book cover. I almost cried.

17. Do you have a muse? If you do, what do you love the most about him or her?
Not so much a muse but an inspiration. When I write, I try to tell it the way I would my students, my unborn child and run it past my dad who was a teacher and would have corrected me

18. What are your next writing projects?
Another cookbook

19. What are your writing or publishing goals in the future?
Have many books narrating my journey of discovery of the Creole world, beyond the Caribbean

20. How can fans reach you directly?
On social media

Creole Kitchen 3d

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