The Fly’s Tale by A.T ALShubaily

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The Fly’s Tale: Who Will Prevail?
A.T ALShubaily

Genre: Science Fiction, and Fantasy

Date of Publication: December, 2015

Publisher: Lulu

ISBN: 978-1329788923

Pages: 85

Word Count: 18,500

Format: ebook, hardcover, and paperback


Book Blurb:

In the year 2168, the situation has changed much for humanity. Nine organizations control Earth’s populace through a “Neuronet”: a form of entertainment.
Meanwhile on Mars a rebellion threatens to make matters worse for all parties.
The Fly’s Tale is a preamble to a series that came right out of science fiction and is a great read.
Take a jump on this wild ride as the author navigates through different technologies, and scenarios that emerge in 2168.

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Born in 1983, A. T. AlShubaily studied in the UK and Saudi Arabia all his life and graduated from college there. He is half Scottish Half Saudi. He subsequently got married and leads a happy life as a product manager at a local bank and avid internet surfer.


First I want to thank A. T. AlShubaily for doing the interview with me. Read the interview below and found how intriguing he can be.

1. What is your writing process?
Well, When an idea (usually fiction pops in my head, I start penning down what I’m thinking so as to preserve the thought.

2. Who are your largest author influences?
Jules Verne, the producer of Start Trek Gene Roddenberry, Stephen King. Arthur C. Clark, H. G. Wells

3. What is your favorite book?

4. What is your latest news?
I’m embarking on writing the 2nd installment in The Fly’s Tale series

5. What are the five things people do not know about you?

I’m a banking professional, entrepreneur, married, live in the Middle East and love to party

6. What genre do you write?

Sci fi and general fiction.

7. What is your most recent book The Fly’s Tale about?

Its about the adventures of its protagonist in an Earth controlled by organizations

8. How do you come up with characters for The Fly’s Tale?
I imagine a mix of Star Trek and Star Wars adventures

9. What are your favorite characters in The Fly’s Tale and Why?

Emma Greyson because she’s the protagonist in a dystopian future.

10. Is there a message behind The Fly’s Tale?
Technology will always evolve at a faster rate than us

11. How many books do you read a year?
Not too many!

12. What is the last book you read?
The Wolf of Wall Street

13. What is the hardest part in writing The Fly’s Tale?
Coming up with an ending

14. What did you enjoy about writing The Fly’s Tale?
It’s a sci fi series and I love Sci Fi

15. How long did it take for you to The Fly’s Tale?
It took me around 4 months

16. Do you have any children or pets? If so, do they distract you, or assist you with writing?
I have 1 boy and 1 girl on the way.. yeah he distracts me but it’s a wanted distraction. It refreshes the mind

17. Have you travel for your book, if so where?
Lebanon and Dubai

18. Do you have a day job, you would be comfortable sharing? Do you have any good stories about your day job, you would like to share?
I’m a banking professional, that’s all I can say about that. But im also an entrepreneur partnering with a game development company.

19. Do you have a muse? If you do, what do you love the most about him or her?
Everyone is my muse

20. What are your next writing projects?
Part 2

21. What are your writing or publishing goals in the future?
To make an income from my ideas

22. How can fans reach you directly?
Become a fan of Juego Studio Saudi Arabia on twitter and FB

fly's tale 3d

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