Why you should enter The Pulitzer Prize.

Dear Readers,


If you are an author, and have published a physical copy of your book. You should consider entering “The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction”. There is a catch, they do not accept e books, or unpublished manuscripts. Your novel must be published as a physical book. The reason I bring this up, is because the success I have had. First and foremost, the prodigious competition only cost $50 per category to enter.  Also you can use the subtitle “Pulitzer Entrant for Fiction 2015” on your book’s distributor pages. Most of the public know what the “Pulitzer Prize” is.

It is very simple to enter. First, you go on the website register for an account, and fill out your book information afterward.

The Pulitzer Prize official website:


Another catch includes sending four copies of your book. This means you buy books from your publisher, and you have to pay for shipping. For me the cost of entering the competition was about $86 dollars.

Once, you finish filling out your online application for The Pulitzer Prize. Send them the copies of your book. You should receive an email from them after they receive your materials.

To me, it is still worth it. You are entering into the realm of the best authors. Also you can use the subtitle “Pulitzer Entrant for Fiction 2015” on your book’s distributor pages. This subtitle is an important marketing tool for me. With it, I associate myself with a renowned organization.

I would never say, I am a Pulitzer Finalist, or nominated. I know some authors, journalist, and so forth have tried doing this. They have been caught in their lie.

I don’t care about winning. It will not happen. Since my book contains violent imagery. It is all about the experience to me.

Good luck to all the authors, musicians, photographers, journalist, and so forth who have enter The Pulitzer Prize this year.


Thank you for reading,

Mary Sage Nguyen

“Entertaining readers, one book at a time!”


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Author, Dreamer, and Book Enthusiast! You can reach me at http://www.marysagenguyen.com/
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