How to create your own magazine

Dear Readers,

I decided to give you some insight on what I learned about creating a magazine. It is not impossible as people would lead you to believe. In fact the materials you is all available on the world wide web.

When creating a magazine, the first thing you will need is stock images. It is very important to invest in stock images. You will need them for your website, and magazine. You always have the option to be old fashion and take your own pictures. If you even feel the need to hire a photographer.

There are several places you can purchase stock images. These include

My personal favorite


Now, you have your stock images. Start working on the website for your magazine. It is important to start the website because you could get people who want to share their article with your magazine. Therefore you need a contribution page.

Screenshot (449)

This is the site I built and an example of a contribution page. The logo was made custom for me by a freelancer, I hired.

The most important asset you need is a mission statement. Why are you creating a magazine? Who is the magazine for? What is the purpose of your magazine?

My mission statement is highlight in the picture below.

Screenshot (451)

You do need the additional pages subscribe, advertise, staff, and contact us. I used godaddy’s website builder and customized it to my liking.

After you have built your website site start marketing on twitter, facebook, and etc. Drive traffic to your contribution page to help jumpstart your magazine’s content.

The next part is using a layout for your magazine. Large magazine companies have many talented graphic designers at their disposable. All you have is yourself. There is good news, I did my research and found thousands of magazine templates available on the cheap. Just because they are affordable, doesn’t mean they lack in quality.

Here is the link to Creative Market. Where you can find many creative items for sale. I also love the fact they give you free goods each week. Be sure to download each week. They put the free items up on Monday.

Important note about the template. All of Creative Market’s magazine templates are used in Adobe Indesign.

Now you got your template, next work on the content. This is the hardest most frustrating part of creating a magazine. You have a few options.

Choose between syndication, freelancers, or a team you assemble yourself. If you choose syndication, it will cost you a pretty penny. I contacted the  Washington Post Syndicate. They charge $50 per week plus $12 delivery charge. This is the last time I checked. It is easy with syndicate because they provide you with quality articles, and content for your magazine. You don’t have to come up with the ideas for articles.

Screenshot (488)

Another source is using freelancers. I love with freelancers you can check their qualifications, and references from various freelancing sites. You must first figure out ideas for the articles first. Than assign your freelancers various articles to write. They need a solid idea in order to right.

After you assemble everything, had it edited it, and so forth. Use the template you purchased from Creative Market to assemble your magazine.

Screenshot (490)

After the template is assembled to your liking. You must work on distribution.

Most magazine companies have gone digital as the times progressed. If you only want to distribute your magazine digitally.

Screenshot (491)

Use ISSUU to distribute your magazine. The largest problem with ISSUU, is the fact your magazine is free. Readers would be reading your magazine for free. If you want to make income. Its best to offer a sample of the magazine via ISSUU and then redirect it to your magazine site. Where readers can subscribe.

In the digital age, it is easy to forget print magazines. If you would like to pursue printing a magazine.

Screenshot (492)

Upload your completed magazine template to

They sell magazines at a reasonable price. I liked them best out of the companies, I searched through.

I hope this post was helpful to you! I will keep you updated on my magazine adventures.


Thanks for reading,

Mary Sage Nguyen




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