Wanting By Nicole Eglinger

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Wanting: Popstar Lover Series Book 2

Nicole Eglinger


Genre: Erotica, and Romance

Date of Publication: April, 2015


 Pages: 284

Word Count: 62,693

 Format: ebook


Book Blurb:

 After keeping secrets forces their break up. Josie & Colin must try to move on separately on two different coasts. Until a tragic twist of fate forces Josie to make some very tough decisions. Pitting Ex against Ex. Will those tough decisions and white lies Josie’s forced to make. Does true love ever truly die!

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“Wanting” is a marvelous romance tale with immortal love. “Wanting” leaves off where the first book “Falling” left off. Josie and Collin are separated. The two are living their own lives away from each other. They dwell about their previous relationship. Each of them knew how much potential it had to become something more. Collin yearns to see Josie again. Events happen and coincidentally the pair meet again. They pick up on their whirlwind romance. This time there is a real possibility! For the pair to evolve their new, and blossoming romance. I loved the uniqueness of the scenes, and communication between the lovers. It’s a lovely crafted romance that makes you emotionally invested. Read more to find out! I recommend Wanting: Popstar Lover Series to those who believe in true love!



First, I want to thank  Nicole Eglinger for doing the interview with me. Read the interview below and found how intriguing she can be.

  1. What is your writing process? My writing process is I will turn on Native American flute/Zen type music it relaxes me and lets my mind open letting my imagination to take over.
  2. Who are your largest author influences? My biggest author influences are: The lovely Diana Gabaldon writes Outlander Series, P.C. Cast writes Goddess’s Series, House of Night Series, Richelle Mead writes Succubus Series & Dark Swan Novels & Stephen King (Carrie)
  3. What is your favorite book? Outlander, The Private Life of Estelle Knight
  4. What is your latest news? My latest is currently finishing the third part of my Popstar Lover Series & start on my newest book Storm through the Highlands.
  5. What are the five things people do not know about you?
  1. I’m a control freak I could rewrite one chapter over 20 times!
  2. I’m very humble
  3. I love shopping (My hubby says too much sometimes)
  4. Born in a small town (Piney Fork, Ohio)
  5. I’m a huge Darren Hayes Fan (Savage Garden I Want You aka chicken cherry cola song)
  1. What genre do you write? Erotica Romane/ Historical Romance
  2. What is your most recent book Wanting about? Wanting is the sequel to (Popstar Lover Series) It picks up exactly where I dropped off between Josie & Colin almost two years later they are broken up both still really love each other deeply but because of their stubbornness neither budges until Josie gets a feeling that something terrible was about to happen. She finds out it turned out to be true Colin was involved in a terrible accident. Josie rushes off to the west coast California to be by Colin’s side. But Colin had loss his memory but only remembering that Colin & Josie is happily married. Josie has her own earth shattering secret has to decide does she go along with the charade repeating same mistakes that torn them apart.
  3. How do you come up with characters for Wanting? Colin he is fashioned after an Australian singer I adore. While Josie is fashioned after a combination of woman I know.
  4. What are your favorite characters in Wanting and Why? My favorite character is Josie love her tenacity to surviving and overcoming any obstacles in her way.
  5. Is there a message behind Wanting? To always overcome obstacles in one’s way and to always be truthful and honest with most especially with your spouse or partner.
  6. Why did you pick the title Wanting? I picked the title because Josie & Colin most of all wants each other.
  7. Why do you like writing romance/erotica books? I love romance and being in love and who doesn’t like being a little naughty from time to time.
  8. How similar are you to the characters you write about? Josie is the most similar to me as I have had to overcome huge obstacles in my life but I don’t regret my choices in live as it has made me grow as a person in many ways. Like Colin I’m very loyal to the ones I love the most.
  9. How many books do you read a year? So far this year read @ least 25 books it varies don’t really have an exact number of books I read just whatever book that draws my attention.
  10. What is the last book you read? Taken by the Huntsman (Mistral Dawn)
  11. What is the hardest part in writing Wanting? Is when I get a story or an ideal in my head and sometimes I can’t sleep until I get it out of my head and in my laptop.  Writing the emotional parts can be a little overwhelming and very draining.
  12. What did you enjoy about writing Wanting? I enjoy getting lost in the characters and the world that I invent.
  13. How long did it take for you to Wanting?? 5 months
  14. Do you have any children or pets? If so, do they distract you, or assist you with writing? Yes, I have 4 grown sons and they no longer live with us anymore the youngest left for the military August 2015!! I have three cats (Siren, Annabelle & Tiger) the actually sleep while I do the writing. No distractions I give my attention solely when I write tune out the world around me.
  15. Have you travel for your book, if so where? Yes to California!
  16. Do you have a day job, you would be comfortable sharing? Do you have any good stories about your day job, you would like to share? No I don’t have a day job my writing is my job.
  17. Do you have a muse? If you do, what do you love the most about him or her? Yes, my muse is my husband (Les) love that he is extremely supportive of me and he is my home.
  1. What are your next writing projects? Finishing Popstar Lover Series, Also writing another part to Talent Agency Series & Storm Through the Highlands
  1. What are your writing or publishing goals in the future? I hope one day to become a Bestselling Author & I like being a Self -Published Author more creative control.
  2. How can fans reach you directly?


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