Popstar Lover Series: Covers Reveal

Covers Reveal

Falling 3d

Falling: Popstar Lover Series

Nicole Eglinger

Genre: Erotica, and Romance

Date of Publication: March, 2016


Pages: 227

Word Count: 40,461

Price: $2.99


Book Blurb:

Josephine Michelle Brewer was from a small town in Maine. Josie got tired of the small town life and the life she had been forced to live. Josie’s life had been full of heartache and baggage.

Josie wanted out of the country life and craved an action pack life so she moved west to San Francisco. Where her cousin (Ian) lived and worked as a music producer. She wanted to start a new life. Hopefully her life would be easier and much more bearable. That was until she met Ian’s personal friend and famous Australian popstar. Can Josie & her popstar handle balancing love and careers? Or would their past baggage and secrets tear them apart before they get started.

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Falling: Popstar Lover Series is a unique, and emotionally absorbing romance book. Josie is an intriguing character being a child psychologist. She is very affectionate, and sweet. She portrays herself as a mama bear who protects children she works with. Eventually, she must leave her current town. The reason being is because threatening situation involving one of the children she works with. She meets an Australian popstar by the name of Colin. They date, and dine. Colin comes across as a stud. Who Josie falls fast for. He is romantic, handsome, sincere, and a caring figure. She loves him with all her heart. Josie thinks she is free from her past, and former lover. They come back to haunt her. The purpose of Falling: Popstar Lover Series is to learn to be loyal your partner and never keep secrets. They come back to ruin your happiness. I recommend this series to a mature audience with a fascination with common women who fall in love with celebrities.

Wanting 3d

Wanting: Popstar Lover Series Book 2

Nicole Eglinger

Genre: Erotica, and Romance

Date of Publication: April, 2015


Pages: 284

Word Count: 62,693

Format: ebook


Book Blurb:

After keeping secrets forces their break up. Josie & Colin must try to move on separately on two different coasts. Until a tragic twist of fate forces Josie to make some very tough decisions. Pitting Ex against Ex. Will those tough decisions and white lies Josie’s forced to make. Does true love ever truly die!

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Wanting is a marvelous romance tale with immortal love. Wanting leaves off where the first book Falling left off. Josie and Collin are separated. The two are living their own lives away from each other. They dwell about their previous relationship. Each of them knew how much potential it had to become something more. Collin yearns to see Josie again. Events happen and coincidentally the pair meet again. They pick up on their whirlwind romance. This time there is a real possibility! For the pair to evolve their new, and blossoming romance. I loved the uniqueness of the scenes, and communication between the lovers. It’s a lovely crafted romance that makes you emotionally invested. Read more to find out! I recommend Wanting: Popstar Lover Series to those who believe in true love!

Covers Reveal Questions


First, I want to Nicole Eglinger for doing the cover interview with me. Find out more about the newly desinged covers below!

  1. How did you come up with the cover design for Falling: Book 1 and Wanting: Book 2?” Actually, I wanted sexier covers for my Popstar Series & wanted new covers for my paperback release.
  2. Who is your book cover designer? Falling designed by: SelfPubBookCovers.com/DanaLeah For Wanting cover designed by: SelfPubBookCovers.com/Fantasyart
  3. Why did you decide to make paperback books when you had ebooks? Everyone wanted to know if it was available in print so I chose to do paperback in hopes to interest new fans.
  4. What do you like the most about your new covers? I think the colors are amazing and it’s sexier and goes better with the feel of the book series.
  5. What do you dislike about your new covers? Nothing actually, I think they are incredible.
  6. Are you happy with the outcome of your covers your designer presented you with? I’m extremely pleased with they are very creative, sexy the whole package so to speak.
  7. What do you like the most about working with me? I think you are so extremely talented, creative and you are personable with your clients. You do an amazingly beautiful job truly. Refer you to all my author acquaintances.
  8. How can fans reach you directly?


Popstar lover series big mock up.jpg

Purchase the Popstar Lover Series at these links Falling & Wanting

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