Mystery of the Kettleberry Woods Preview


“The Mystery of the KettleBerry Woods”

By: Mary Sage Nguyen

Ginger stubbed her toe on a loose brick outside the grocery store. She dropped the box of close to rotting vegetables. She stopped and looked at the creature before her. He was hunched over and muddy. The creature was completely nude, and its body was exposed in the cold wind. Its eyes were rather large, and bright blue. The creature growled at her and quickly retreated to the back of the woods on all fours. Ginger stood there frozen, and confused.

“Ginger, Ginger, Ginger!” She heard a man called. The man was her manager. “There you are. Why are you stand out here for?” Her manger glanced down at the box of vegetables, you didn’t even throw out the vegetables?”

“I am sorry, sir. I just saw it.” Her manager glanced at the woods suspiciously.

“Come on. Let’s get you inside.”

Inside the store, the pair walked into the break room. Ginger’s manager made some tea for her to drink. She was shivering, and shaking from the incident.

“Are you sure you saw it?” Her manager asked sitting down next to ginger. He doubted Ginger saw the creature everyone in town was talking about. She was an older women. Her gray hair was curly. She was the typical vision of a grandmother. In her khaki and green polo uniform.

“I saw it Ben. I swear. It didn’t attack me, but it growl at me.”

“I don’t know Ginger, you got some age on you. Maybe it was your imagination.”

“I know I did. It was just as Larry described feral, dirty, hairy, and hunched over like a dog. It even ran back to the woods on all fours. “

“Oh come, now. It is just a legend.” Ben still didn’t believe his employee. “Do you really believe in monsters?”

“It’s true Ben!” Ginger said. Her eyes grew large and she shook. Ben patted her back and gave her some more tea to drink.

“Well, I guess I was wrong.”

“Do you think we should mention this tomorrow at the town meeting?” Ginger asked gulping down the tea. The warm tea did not calm her.

“I don’t know. It’s getting late Ginger, you should head home. Would you like me to call your grandson?”

“I will call him, I hope he will stay with me tonight. I am scared ben, I am afraid the creature will follow me home.” Ben laughed.

“Don’t worry Ginger! You will be fine.” Ginger’s grandson came by and picked her up. Ben watched as Ginger safely left the grocery store. He dragged his feet back to store to lock it up for the night.

The next day at town hall.

          TO BE CONTINUED…..


Thank you for reading,

Mary Sage Nguyen

About Mary Sage Nguyen

Author, Dreamer, and Book Enthusiast! You can reach me at
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