Wages of Sin by Charlene Gage

Wages of Sin 3dWages of Sin
Charlene Gage

Genre: Literary Fiction

Date of Publication: May, 2008

AISN: B006Q64BH0
ISBN: 978-0595434305

Publisher: iUniverse

Ebook pages: 110

Book Blurb:

Enduring the pain of her mother’s murder, her father’s rejection, and her grandmother’s rules, Reva rebels against all positive influences. With an abortion behind her by age fifteen, Reva spirals from one bad decision to the next, with no guidelines to distinguish right from wrong. Intentionally getting pregnant to lure the married man she thinks she loves, Reva constantly flounders to provide for the son she finally bears. Stability eludes her at every turn. Despite the pack of despicable characters doing despicable things, this novel focuses on how abuse and neglect affect Reva over and over again.
Her decisions ultimately lead to a juxtaposed life of luxurious living off drug money against the emotional and physical pain her choices create. With her youth stolen, Reva vows to not destroy her future and break the vicious cycle that started in childhood.
Reva’s life mirrors that of many women who fight racism, poverty, incest, single parenthood, and drugs just to survive. As you read “Wages of Sin,” you’ll be horrified by the actions that feel so real, yet be compelled to turn the page to see what happens next.

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My review:


Wages of Sin by Charlene Gage is a unique book. It keeps the audience captivated by pushing the main character Reva in sticky, and dangerous situations. As a young adult she must learn how to survive on the streets. It is a realistic book that reads like a memoir. Reva is a victim character, and has been duped at every turn. If you are agreeable with racism, poverty, incest, single parents, and drugs. This book is for you.

Wages of Sin 3d

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First I want to thank M. Lachi for doing the interview with me. Read the interview below and found how intriguing she is.

1. Writing this book was the first in the beginning of my healing process. While working on my novel, I was forced to relive dramatic events of my past. However, I was able to release those tears of pain that lied deep within.

2. My novel is about an innocent child who had been dramatized and abused. Causing her to have low self-esteem that led to self-destructive behavior.

3. A perfect example of what happens when a child is damaged and continues in their adulthood with hurt, lack of understanding and confused values.

4. The book takes place in Houston, TX and Opelousas, LA.

5. Reva, Kyle and Christian are the main characters. Dynamics of a family unit can be telling and profound of how your decisions can affect the family.

6. This novel will appeal to the reader’s by keeping their interest as well as transcending the reader’s emotions while reading my novel. My novel will make the readers laughing, crying and angry.

7. Today’s society is struggling to protect our children from abuse and neglect.

8. Single mothers, fathers incarcerated in prison, innocent children who are suffering and thriving from lack of guidance, drugs, sex and deception. My novel addresses many subjects that are major topics in the media.

9. My writing style is unique. The content of my novel will engulf the readers and the readers will feel a sense of strong attachment to the characters and events.

10. Enlighten readers while being entertained by my novel. There is a misconception that when others who continue to make bad choices and decisions are not good people. I want the readers to be objective and subjective that your past does not have to be your future but the past can have a negative impact. Before anyone can judge you, they may want to read a little deeper into the “Underlining Issues” that exist and have never been addressed for any resolution.

11. Personal experiences

12. For the Bible says, “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 6:23).


1. My life mirrors that of the character Reva. While this novel is not a true story; but this novel is based on true events. Events have been exaggerated for entertainment purposes “only”. I put God first. I love my family and friends with all my heart. I love to travel and I am passionate about writing. I give all thanks to God for my past journey, current journey and I trust in HIM for my future. With God all things all possible, so I walk humbly in faith and blind as my dear God still carries me.

2. I am currently working on my next novel.
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